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  • These three web sites were made after attending various design courses at local adult education centers.

    Two of them are offline as they were made as course projects. They can still be opened by selecting the image. The other was made for a friend and can be viewed direct online.

    Just DecoratingMy first website i made at colledgeClick to view

    This is the first site I made after a short course at North Kingston center. It was made as a project.

    This is a basic html site and is of a tabular structure. A very simple site with very little styling.

  • RenaulasticAn adobe flash website created as a colledge projectSelect image to view:

    The above web site (Renaultasic) was made using Adobe Flash.

    Flash is a multi media platform that is used for making video, games and animation. It is frequently used for making banner style advertisments and animations including making complete web sites.

    The above site was made as a college project.

    It can be viewed by selecting the image.

    This is a slide made with        
    Adobe flash        

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  • Kingsfireplaces.com
    Thumnail for kingsfireplaces.comSelect image to view:

    Kingsfireplaces is a ten page html web site.

    I was on a photoshop course while making this site. My main interest while making this site was learning about web typography. Straight after making this website I went on to do a graphic design course