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  Welcome to Simple Fine Design


Hi, thanks for visiting this site. I am new to the world of web design and am looking for small projects so I can develop my portfolio.


Would you like me to help you create and evolve your ideas for getting your business online or even your own personal page. I can do that for you, drop me a line and get in touch.


All types of web content and development are possible including Flash animation, video and banner design.


For database driven sites I use either wordpress or joomla as a content management system. This enables you the facility to manage your own web content as well as run your own web log if you want too.


I can also help with hosting and marketing your services and getting your site optimized in search engine listings. Please get in contact to discuss your ideas.

If you are looking for an ideal way to get your business across to a very large audience with little or no time commitment other than the initial startup, having your own website is a great way to go.


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